On the Ballot 

Our electoral strategy is developed in alignment with our community advocacy efforts and collectively work to build Black political power. Our ongoing efforts of empowering communities and building connected relationships provide a platform for furthering and advancing community advocacy.

What’s on the Ballot

Midterm elections are critical. Why? Because they help determine power in Congress. Midterm elections occur halfway through a president’s term.  You should have a vested interest in who represents YOU!


State Judges & Justices

NC COURT OF APPEALS + SUPREME COURT: The state’s highest courts hold the governor and legislature accountable. They make big decisions on issues from redistricting to death penalty appeals. They are the final word on what is “constitutional” and other interpretations of state laws.


State Legislature

NC SENATE + NC HOUSE: The two chambers of the N.C. General Assembly hold the power to draft state laws on anything they choose. They can enact criminal justice reform, draw our voting maps, and decide how North Carolinians receive health care. They also use our taxpayer dollars to set the state budget, including resources for everything from roads to schools.



U.S. SENATE + U.S. HOUSE: With the ability to make U.S. law and oversee federal agencies, congressional powers include spending our tax dollars, taking the country to war, deciding who gets healthcare and environmental protections, and when to hold the president accountable — from appointments to impeachments. 
Source: DemocracyNC.org

Candidates on the Ballot

Advance Carolina selected candidate battles in hard-to-win districts this year for our Justice on the Ballot Campaign.
 See which candidates won their midterm election.

2022-Candidates-OnTheBallot by Advance North Carolina.


Advance Carolina understands all elections are important. We encourage volunteers to pledge to vote in every election and stay connected to receive updates and alerts from Advance Carolina. 

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