On the Ballot 

Our electoral strategy is developed in alignment with our community advocacy efforts and collectively work to build Black political power. Our ongoing efforts of empowering communities and building connected relationships provide a platform for furthering and advancing community advocacy.

What’s on the Ballot

Municipal elections are crucial. Why? Because the decisions made by your local government significantly impact your community and everyday life, from the amount you pay in property taxes, the location of housing and schools, and the priorities set by your city.


Mayor or City/Town Manager

They are responsible for the daily operations of your community. They have the power to make appointments and/or dismiss key positions held in your area, like a Chief of Police. If your town or city has both a Mayor and City/Town Manager, the Mayor will hold executive power over the manager.


City/Town Council

They have the ability to cast the final vote and approve the city budget presented by the Mayor and/or City/Town Manager. They have the power to develop laws and initiatives and directly respond to the Mayor’s proposals. Identical to the state legislature, they must secure a supermajority on the council to override the Mayor’s veto.


District/City Attorney

They serve as the chief law enforcer for your community. They have the power to investigate, prosecute, and take issues to trial. An example of the power of a District Attorney would be in the recent cases pertaining to the harm or “unaliving “ of unarmed Black Men and Women in various cities across the country, including cities such as Raleigh, NC.


School Board

The school board is where community needs meet the classroom. They decide on program and operating budgets, curriculum, and policies regarding students and their exposure in the classroom. They also hire or dismiss principals and set the guidelines for classroom educators.

Positions on the Ballot

A North Carolina Black Alliance Municipal Election Resource Guide. 


Advance Carolina understands all elections are important. We encourage volunteers to pledge to vote in every election and stay connected to receive updates and alerts from Advance Carolina. 

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