Action Alert: Safeguard Fair Elections Act and Fix Our Democracy Act

Mar 14, 2023 | News, Politics

The Safeguard Fair Elections Act and Fix Our Democracy Act have been introduced at the North Carolina General Assembly, giving us another opportunity to support these bills and make the promise of American democracy real for all of us. 

We must do everything we can to ensure legislators know these bills are a priority, and we will continue fighting for transformational democracy reform.

To demonstrate the strong support for the Safeguard Fair Elections and Fix Our Democracy, we’re driving in emails to our legislators TODAY. Can you join us? 

The Fix Our Democracy Act is the most ambitious state pro-democracy bill in our state’s history. It will simplify voting for North Carolinians and ensure that going to the polls is safer and fairer. It will also work to remove big, out-of-state money from our politics and empower regular folks to hold their elected officials accountable. But we can’t secure our freedoms and preserve democracy with just this bill. 

That’s where the Safeguard Fair Elections Act comes in.

Working hand-in-glove with the Fix Our Democracy Act, The Safeguard Fair Elections Act would make it a crime to intimidate, threaten or engage in violence against election officials and help protect voters from coercion before or on Election Day. And to top it all off, the bill would hold state officials accountable to ensure they respect the people’s will.

Learn more about these bills:

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