Isaiah Plan

Advance Carolina’s Eastern NC Rural Development Project

Key to Advance Carolina’s mission is to build Black political and economic power in NC. As our staff discussed with over 100 leaders in 15+ Eastern NC counties over the last year, many spoke to the need of a comprehensive rural development plan with deep ties to Black economic development. These conversations with community leaders sparked a Eastern NC Rural Development project by Advance Carolina.  We believe that this investment in a comprehensive plan led by folks living in these communities will better position resources from the government, foundations and other entities with a vested interest in Eastern NC.

The timeline of this project:

  • January 2017– Advance Carolina Eastern NC Rural Development Assembly (1/21/2017 in Williamston, NC)
    • Over 70 delegates from 15 counties voted unanimously to except the 9 point framework of a plan, called the “Isaiah Plan.”  The plan gets its name from the biblical passage Isaiah 65.
  • February – June 2017
    • Create County Committees and help complete comprehensive plan.
    • Start Petition Drive (on Isaiah Plan Framework) and seek Letters/Resolutions of Support from Elected Leaders
    • Work to ensure Eastern NC counties receive adequate Hurricane recovery funding and funds are spent with Black-owned local businesses to correctly address mitigation issues & ensure all are recovered, especially our most vulnerable communities who are frequently left out of recovery efforts.
  • July 2017
    • Comprehensive Plan to be completed and follow-up Assembly to be called.

Isaiah Plan Overview

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Clergy? Join “The Ark” for strategic discussions with other clergy members in the region on ways to get involved with the Isaiah Plan.  Visit “The Ark” (Click to view) to view more information.

See the pictures from our January 2017 Assembly

Held 1/21/2017 in Williamston, NC.  We had 15 counties represented from Perquimans to Cumberland, we caucused together as counties and adopted the framework of the Isaiah Plan.