Jeremiah Plan

Advance Carolina’s Urban/Suburban Development Project

Key to Advance Carolina’s mission is to build Black political and economic power in NC. As our staff discussed with over 150 leaders in 5+ I85 Corridor NC counties over the last year, many spoke to the need of a comprehensive urban/suburban development project. These conversations with community leaders sparked a I85 Corridor NC Urban/Suburban Development project by Advance Carolina.  We believe that this investment in a comprehensive plan led by folks living in these communities will better position resources from the government, foundations and other entities with a vested interest in our neighborhoods.

The timeline of this project:

  • March 2017- Advance Carolina I85 Corridor Urban/Suburban Development Assembly (3/4/2017 in Concord, NC)
    • Over 30 delegates from 5 counties voted unanimously to except the 7 point framework of a plan, called the “Jeremiah Plan.”  The plan gets its name from the biblical passage Jeremiah 29:7.
    • Over the next few weeks, counties will work to convene meetings with leaders in their counties.
  • April 2017 – County Committees will start the petition drive and seek supportive Letters and Resolutions.
  • June 2017 – Comprehensive Plan to be completed and follow-up Assembly to be called.

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Check out the pictures from our March 2017 Assembly

Held 3/4/2017 in Concord, NC.  We had 5 counties represented from Cleveland to Forsyth, we caucused together as counties and adopted the framework of the Jeremiah Plan.